Managing Partner & Creative Director

Amanda has always been a leader, not a follower. A quality that was evident as a child getting ready for school. Jeans and t-shirts were not an option, a pressed dress, perfect socks, and polished shoes were her uniform of choice. Even as child Amanda knew how important it is to make a memorable presentation.

As a Managing Partner of the Dress My Walls team she has a firm hold and a level of comfort as the communicator, the facilitator and the arbitrator; sometimes the lead designer, and sometimes the critical reviewer with a steady hand. She has the rare ability to manage a team in a way that balances the spontaneous, inherently rebellious intensity of creativity with the discipline and methodology of production.

As the Creative Director for Dress My Walls, form and function merge gracefully in her work, and she’s known for original thinking, execution, and targeted visual communications that deliver clear results for clients.